Dec 3 2019

Some fanfic is fucked up. It really is. Hell, in fact I’m gonna be very honest. Most fics are incredibly fucked up. And some of it is fucked up in very annoying and disgusting ways, and some is fucked up in really sad ways. I don’t read the disgusting one. The ones that’s are likeContinue reading “Dec 3 2019”

November 26 2019

I took a quick look back at the very first posts of this blog, and it felt like listening to a stranger. It has been only a bit over a year since then, but I no longer recognise this person. I don’t understand why she did what she did or why she wrote so much,Continue reading “November 26 2019”

Nov 20 2019

The worst part of carnivore is the adaptation. As you shift fuel sources from glucose to fat, you feel lethargic and with very little energy. Your electrolites are all over the place and then you start losing them at a wild pace. Sodium and potassium become a major concern for a few days, until yourContinue reading “Nov 20 2019”