Nov 29 2019

So, after extensive research (which meant basically consuming around 400 grams of smoked pork chops within 48 hours), I have concluded that processed pork is indeed bad for me. It caused me several acne outbreaks and messes up my stomach acid. Now, this could also mean that processed pork is no good for me, andContinue reading “Nov 29 2019”

Nov 23 2019

I don’t know what has happened to me. I truly don’t. I’ve changed somehow, that is very clear because every time I look in the mirror someone slightly more different stares back at me. But I still cannot fully fathom the how of the transformation as a whole… And while this change is something thatContinue reading “Nov 23 2019”

Nov 21 2019

Many people say that carnivore has made them less spiritual. Like they have finally come back to the world and feel more grounded and stop being interested in spiritual things. I think it’s more likely that they become so strong and centered that they stop clinging to other things for safety and relief, be theyContinue reading “Nov 21 2019”

Nov 20 2019

The worst part of carnivore is the adaptation. As you shift fuel sources from glucose to fat, you feel lethargic and with very little energy. Your electrolites are all over the place and then you start losing them at a wild pace. Sodium and potassium become a major concern for a few days, until yourContinue reading “Nov 20 2019”