Iā€™m not the kind of person to be grateful about the good things that happen to me. Naturally pessimistic, I tend to worry about anything bad that happens or might happen at some point. But today I realized something that surprised me: My life is very easy.

I have an easy, fulfilling job. I do not worry about money in any way. I have no concerns other than enjoying my life in any way I want to. I have supportive friends and family, and even the people in my new job have been beyond fantastic. I was surprised by their support, help, and warmth in welcoming me.

I even managed to make the career transition I wanted and now my career path looks great, all the while earning a much bigger salary than ever before.

Not everything is perfect of course. I do not have many luxuries, and live a simple, modest life way under my means. But I am very happy right now. I am happy and at peace.



10th and 11th day

Exhausting. So much to do yet it feels like nothing is getting done. Traveling. Interviewing. I really, really need to sleep.

Also I had a very strange nightmare last night. So strange in fact, I’m going to have to ask my cards about it.

9th Day

What? What happened today? Time flew by and I don’t even know what I did! Between cleaning, shopping, and catching Amazon messengers, the whole day slipped through my fingers without a single words written. *headdesk*

But! I now have a brand new phone, and two new tarot decks that I am very excited to review!