I’m not the kind of person to be grateful about the good things that happen to me. Naturally pessimistic, I tend to worry about anything bad that happens or might happen at some point. But today I realized something that surprised me: My life is very easy.

I have an easy, fulfilling job. I do not worry about money in any way. I have no concerns other than enjoying my life in any way I want to. I have supportive friends and family, and even the people in my new job have been beyond fantastic. I was surprised by their support, help, and warmth in welcoming me.

I even managed to make the career transition I wanted and now my career path looks great, all the while earning a much bigger salary than ever before.

Not everything is perfect of course. I do not have many luxuries, and live a simple, modest life way under my means. But I am very happy right now. I am happy and at peace.



10th and 11th day

Exhausting. So much to do yet it feels like nothing is getting done. Traveling. Interviewing. I really, really need to sleep.

Also I had a very strange nightmare last night. So strange in fact, I’m going to have to ask my cards about it.

9th Day

What? What happened today? Time flew by and I don’t even know what I did! Between cleaning, shopping, and catching Amazon messengers, the whole day slipped through my fingers without a single words written. *headdesk*

But! I now have a brand new phone, and two new tarot decks that I am very excited to review!

8th Day

Words came so, so difficult today. It really felt like fighting for every single one of them. I got 1,103 today even though I was ready to throw in the towel at the 500 words mark. And while I am very happy with the scene I got today, I was also left very exhausted from the effort.

But being a writer means sitting down and putting words on paper day in and day out, so that is what I did, and it made me feel very accomplished, despite the exhaustion.


7th day

Even though I only got 1,264 words today, I’m quite happy with them because I managed some neat transitions between scenes and kept the flow of action very fast.

I also made some mold tests with the wax for the talismans and I’m pleased to report that the molds and the wax work and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping me from making the talismans… Other than the purification process of course…I’m still very worried about that, because that’s the hardest part for me. I just don’t do vegetarian for more than 18 hours OTL


6th Day

A day filled with family/house obligations and shopping. I’m happy to say I will soon be having a new phone. Great news, since I’ve been wanting one for a while.

Also, I had a very strange dream that has made me decide to finally attempt a mixed qabalah talisman making. I have some details to complete, and I’m pretty scared of it because this might be the most complex operation I have attempted as of yet, but I’m also very excited about doing it.

I’m also thinking of trying Benebell’s thunder rites exercise, since I’ve been very excited about learning more about Thunder Magic.

But it was a sad day for writing, as I only got 713 words done today. How disappointing.


5th day

Today was a nice day. I got a fairly late start, because of some family things, but despite that, I managed to complete all the work I had to do and documents to submit for some applications, and even managed to consecrate and place talismans on my new journal (the last one ended much faster than I had expected).

As for writing, I got 1,361 words today. I was aiming for 1,500, but I’ll take as many words as I can get. Especially since I really liked the scene I finished today. It was a fight scene, and those are always very complicated for me to write, but I really liked how it came out. It’s probably one of the strongest I’ve written, so I’m excited.

Also, I made a bit of an impulse purchase and bought two new tarot decks. But only because Amazon was having a great discount on them and I got them for half price, which is something that would probably not come by again soon.

Now I can’t wait for them to arrive!