Dec 13 2019

Let it first be said that I do not believe in the whole introvert/extrovert thing that’s all the rage among millenials/tumblrers/random Internet dwellers.

That being said, I’ve always known that even if it was true, I was not an introvert. I was a simply an unwilling loner.

I like being with people. I enjoy listening to, learning from, and relating with people. And I don’t understand why there are people who would rather not be with people.

Despite this, I’ve often found myself alone. Through several circumstances, I always end up isolate somehow.

Its awful. It feels like drowning in silence, suffocated by emptiness. Now I do certainly have come to enjoy being alone. Of course, I would have gone mad otherwise.

But its still… Not nice…

Published by alexdamien

Writer, tarot reader, and occult practitioner.

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